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Abbot's Appeal 2016

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January 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Your kind generosity in responding to my appeal in October 2016 for donations to sustain the work of Saint Andrew’s Abbey is very much appreciated.

I am so happy to tell you that your contributions totaled more than $70,000 all of which will help support the Abbey’s life of prayer, education, and hospitality. Your gifts will also help the Abbey provide for the well-being of our local communities, especially for individuals and families experiencing hardship.

Most of all, because of you, we will continue to seek God’s mercy and love here in the high desert, and continue to offer a holy place for prayer and discernment.

Please be assured of our prayers of gratitude for you throughout this New Year.

May God bless you, always,

Abbot Damien

Dear Friends of St. Andrew's Abbey,

To shake the hand of Pope Francis was the highlight of my trip to Rome last month. I attended the Congress of Abbots with 250 Benedictine abbots from all over the world. It was during this 2-week assembly that each abbot had the privilege of greeting the Holy Father.

In his opening remarks to us, he reminded us that as Benedictine monks, "...we guard a peculiar gift and a special responsibility; that of keeping alive the oases of the spirit...where the faithful can draw from the sources of divine mercy." The Pope's words ring true for what we do here at Saint Andrew's Abbey.

Last year, your kind and generous gifts of support helped us maintain our places of prayer, learning, and worship for the thousands of people who come here throughout the year. Because of you, we were also able to assist more of the needy and desperate, who come to our monastery when there's nowhere else to turn. Also because of you, we made hopeful and steady progress in completing plans to provide safe and adequate accommodations to our frail and elderly monks.

I deeply appreciate the fact that you have embraced our vision of continued growth and vitality at Saint Andrew's Abbey. Know, too, that I thank you wholeheartedly for underwriting much of our ongoing operational needs and their costs.

I believe in God's love and trust that we will together always find a way to ensure the Abbey remains a place of grace, prayer and quiet refuge where, the "eloquent silence [of monasteries] allows God to speak amidst the deafening and distracted life of the world." (Pope Francis to Benedictine Abbots, 2016)

For this appeal, therefore, I am setting a goal of $200,000. My prayer is we reach this goal before December 31, 2016. Please take a moment to make a tax-deductible donation.

May God Bless you abundantly for your consideration and caring.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Abbot Damien Toilolo, O.S.B.

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