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Dear Friends of the Abbey,

For many people, including the Abbey, this has been an unusually difficult year which is why I am asking for your kind assistance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down.
Thanks be to God the Abbey is COVID-19-free. However, the pandemic has forced us to close the entire Abbey, including our retreat centers, which are our major sources of income. In addition to the significant income loss, we are experiencing maintenance and repair issues to the retreat center buildings as these unoccupied buildings have fallen into disuse for over eight months.

The Bobcat Fire is another event which will remain impressed in our memory of 2020.

Thankfully, through the power of prayer, the dedicated firefighters, and the mercy of God, the Abbey was spared the ravages of the fire. None of our buildings were burned down; nevertheless, because of smoke damage it was in our best interest to have the interior and exterior of the buildings professionally restored to pre-fire conditions, particularly because of the age and health of the monks. While our insurance will cover a percentage of this enormous cost, we need assistance in paying for the uncovered costs.

We have another serious need.
One of our senior monks requires specialized care for his deteriorating health. We have been able to provide 24-hour at-home hospice care for him up to this point. With our major sources of revenue shut down, 24-hour care is proving to be more difficult and challenging to provide.

In an endeavor to keep our head above the proverbial water, we have increased our online presence, hoping to generate much needed income. We are
working hard at being more creative and aggressive in the marketing of our Ceramics. We have also placed the books from Abbey Books and Gifts online, and we are in the process of making the gift line available as well. We have taken advantage of the Zoom platform for retreat conferences, from which many have benefitted.

These efforts have been helpful but not sufficient to replace our lost income. We hope to reopen sooner rather than later, and with your assistance we will be ready when that time comes. Please help us meet our needs as we prepare to reopen the Abbey so we can continue to meet your spiritual needs.

If you would like to donate online, visit our Make a Gift page on our website (; and as always, donations by phone or mail are gratefully welcomed.

Most importantly,
we ask that you keep us in your prayers, as you are always in our daily prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Abbot Damien Toilolo, OSB

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