Announcement From Abbot Damien and the monastic community

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s Abbey,

We have had several meetings to discern our ability to open again to the public for retreats and Masses. For many reasons, we have chosen conservative measures, despite our desire to share our life and monastery with the many who want to come.

The Abbey will remain closed to the public until further notice, most certainly until the end of September.

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Upcoming Retreats via Zoom:
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Lauds & Vespers Live Stream
The chapel will be closed for maintenance until further notice.
During this period, please visit the
Recorded Mass & Prayers page page to pray with the monks. Thank you.

Saint Andrew's Abbey is a Benedictine monastery, a religious community of Roman Catholic men who are vowed to a life of constant conversion and witness to the Gospel. The monastic community was founded in China in 1929 by the Abbey of Sint Andries Zevenkerken in Brugge, Belgium. The monks prayed, taught, and worked in China until they were expelled by the communists in 1952. In 1955, the community relocated to Valyermo in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. The Abbey is a sacred place where every day ordinary people can come away from their busy life to renew and refresh their body and spirit.


In the holy rule, St. Benedict teaches his monks to welcome each guest as Jesus Christ himself. Thus, hospitality has been a charism of the Benedictine monastic life for over a thousand years. Owing to this age-old custom of hospitality, we endeavor to make each guest feel at home in this oasis in the desert.

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The monks of St. Andrew's Abbey gather together as a community several times each day to pray the Divine Office and to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on behalf of the entire world. Guests are always welcome to join the monks for prayer.

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MEN between the ages of 21-45 who are interested in learning more about monastic life at Valyermo should contact the Director of Vocations at Saint Andrew's Abbey.

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Prayer & Mass Intentions

The monks of Valyermo invite you to entrust your prayer requests to them.

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The History of St. Andrew's Abbey in California

A short historical notice published 11, 1955 Chengtu, China

Expelled by the Chinese Communist regime, the monks of St. Benedict's Priory of Chengtu, China, have found a new home in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. With the authorization of His Eminence James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles, they will soon reopen their monastery under the new name of St. Andrew's Priory on the former Hidden Springs Ranch at Valyermo.

St. Benedict's Priory of Chengtu, founded in 1929 by the famous Abbey of St. Andre, Belgium, conducted a diocesan major seminary and a state-recognized school for non-Catholic students. Shortly after World War II, the Priory established the Institute of Western and Oriental Cultural Studies, with a 10,000 volume library.

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