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Monday, November 2-Thursday, November 5, 2020

This retreat is open to artists at all levels including beginners. Photographers, sculptors, and writers are also welcome to come and experience the colors and beauty of the high desert in the setting of the monastery. Escape the stress of daily life while deepening a spiritual vision in your art. (A materials list will be provided.)

Deloris Haddow, Obl.OSB
Room, board, and tuition: $330 single; $287.50 each shared

Deloris Haddow is an oblate of Valyermo. She is an artist and educator who studied in Europe, Ukraine, and Iran. She is involved with the California Plein Air Association and is a member of Faith and Forum, a liturgical art organization. She is a spiritual director/facilitator for adults, leading retreats and workshops on centering prayer.


GUESS WHAT'S COMING FOR DINNER!: A Cooking Retreat/Workshop
Monday, November 9-Thursday, November 12, 2020

Once upon a time, up in the cold north, there was an elderly widower who grew quite fond of making a different soup each night of the week. You wouldn't believe what edible riches and delights the winter months provide for the pot of the stove. Come and spend a week of learning and fun in the monastery kitchen. Taste and see how good different veggies go together with legumes, with rice, with squash, mushrooms, breads ... you get the idea!

Presenter: Fr. Isaac Kalina, OSB
Room, board, and tuition: $330 single; $287.50 each shared

Fr. Isaac Kalina has been a monk of Valyermo since 1984. Having completed his theological degree in Rome at Collegio Sant' Anselmo, he was ordained a priest in 1989. He has served the Abbey as Prior, Sub-prior, Kitchenmaster, Youth Director, Assistant Novicemaster, Vocation Director, and Juniormaster. He is involved in retreats and workshops, bilingual ministry, 12-step recovery, addiction counseling, spiritual direction, and grief coaching.

GUESS WHAT'S COMING FOR DINNER!: A Cooking Retreat/Workshop

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

Life has way of making so many demands on our time and energy. Sometimes the harder we try the more frustrating it can become. Taking time out to slow down and refocus can do wonders for our mind, body and spirit.

Life often offers us many challenges but you do not have to go it alone. On this one-day retreat, you will learn some very valuable and workable techniques that can assist you in your daily life. Christ is present among us and offers us His "Light" to guide our way. It is possible to turn a life of chaos into a life of peace and calm.

Sr. Joan Marie Sasse, OSB
$45 per person includes tuition, morning beverages, and lunch after Mass

Sr. Joan Marie Sasse
is a Benedictine Sister who was a member of Holy Spirit Monastery in Grand Terrace for many years. When the Community left California in 2012, she joined St. Lucy's Benedictine Community in Glendora. Sr. Joan Marie has earned degrees in Education, Theology, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She was a teacher and school administrator in various elementary schools for over twenty years and served as a Parish Administrator or Pastoral Associate for thirteen years. Sr. Joan Marie was a Retreat Director at Serra Retreat House in Malibu for five years where she published five Meditation CD's and two CD's for self-improvement. Sr. Joan Marie currently gives weekly Retreats at Grand Terrace, CA.

EDITH STEIN: Her Journey from Darkness into Light

Thursday, November 12 - Sunday, November 15, 2020

Join us as we reflect on the life and times of Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a brilliant philosopher and poet, a mystic and searcher of the truth, and a Jew-- a daughter of Israel. Her encounter with the cross in the life of a Christian friend sparked an inner transformation that led her baptism into the Catholic faith. Her reading of the life of Teresa of Avila brought her to the door of the Cologne Carmel where she began her contemplative journey as a Carmelite nun. Her Jewish identity and her Catholic faith collided with the oppressive Nazi regime and led to her martyrdom at Auschwitz.

Fr. Joseph Brennan, OSB, Cheryl Evanson, Obl.OSB and Michaela Russell, Obl.OSB
Room, board, and tuition:
$330 single; $287.50 each shared

Fr. Joseph Brennan has been a monk of Valyermo since 1994 after having served as a parish priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for over 20 years. He is a spiritual director at the Cardinal Manning House of Prayer for priests in Los Angeles as well as St. Andrew's Prior.

Cheryl Evanson is an oblate of Valyermo and former administrator of the Retreat Center at St. Andrew's. She earned an MA in Education from the University of Denver and was an educator/curriculum specialist for over 30 years. She has facilitated retreats and workshops on team-building, balancing work and prayer, women in scripture, and Edith Stein.

Michaela Russell is an oblate of Valyermo. She has a BA in International Studies/East Asia and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced International Affairs. Michaela spent many years in Asia and is fluent in Mandarin. She has co-facilitated retreats on the desert mothers, women in scripture, and Edith Stein.

EDITH STEIN: Her Journey from Darkness into Light

PRIESTS' RETREAT: Thriving in the Call of God

Monday, November 16-Friday, November 20, 2020

These days together will explore those elements of our spiritual and ministerial life that bring deep fulfillment and soul satisfaction: prayer, mindfulness, personal presence to others, joy in the celebration of the Eucharist and the Sacraments, and the remembering of all God's good gifts.

Presenter: Fr. Francis Benedict, OSB
Room, board, and tuition: $440 single

Father Francis Benedict has been a monk of Valyermo since 1967. He earned an MA in Philosophy from Loyola-Marymount University and an MS in Theology from Mt. Angel in Oregon. He was ordained a priest in 1976. He served as the Abbey's abbot for 16 years. His special areas of ministry include spiritual direction, preaching retreats, and working with 12-step recovery groups. In addition to many responsibilities at the Abbey, he now serves as the Director of Oblates.


Saturday, November 21, 2020 9:00a.m.-3:30p.m.

There is ample evidence that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. They are written in the Declaration of Independence, declared in the words of the Founding Fathers, memorialized in our National Monuments, and heard in our Patriotic Music. Many State Constitutions begin with an expression of gratitude to God for the freedoms we cherish and enjoy. For over 200 years statesmen and leaders (American or not) have acknowledged the role of Providence in the life of this unique nation. This workshop will graphically present some of that evidence. You will find it entertaining, informative, and uplifting. (This retreat is also offered June 27, 2020)

Presenter: John D'Isacco, Obl. OSB
Donation: $45 per person includes tuition, morning beverages, and lunch after Mass.

John D-Isacco has been an Oblate of St. Andrew's Abbey since 2004. He attended the Pontifical Collage Josephinum from 1951 to 1962. He has a B.A. degree in Philosophy. In the 1960s, he served in the US Army as a German/Russian/English interpreter in the East/West German border. John has been teaching Scripture at American Martyrs, his parish in Manhattan Beach, for over 21 years. He and his wife have led four pilgrimages to the Holy Land (100 pilgrims). He has pursued post-graduate studies in Theology at Loyola Marymount University.



Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27, 2020

This non-directed retreat provides time to reflect on all God has given to us and to enjoy the festive celebration of Thanksgiving with the monastic community.

Room and board: $220 single; $192.50 each shared



Friday, November 27-Sunday, November 29, 2020

On this first weekend of Advent we will offer a potpourri of monastic insights, enabling participants to experience the Advent season as a time rooted in scripture, history, art, music, and liturgy.

Presenters: Monks of Valyermo
Room, board, and tuition: $275 single; $220 each shared